Thursday, July 10, 2008

The GreenUP Challenge

Is it really all that hard to be green?

I am setting out to prove that I can make small, everyday decisions to be more “green,” more environmentally friendly.  We live on an average middle class budget.  While I can’t go buy a new hybrid car, I can challenge myself to make incremental changes, substitutes, and habit-shifts that will tally up to a real difference. 

I think that I am starting at a half-way decent point.  I don’t own a mansion that has 30 spot lights illuminating the house’s glamorous front.  I recycle the basics.  I try to consume "less".  However, I know I can do more. 

Please join me in this challenge.

I am going to implement micro-changes in my life to reduce my family’s “footprint,” and I  challenge you to incorporate these modifications, too.  I will research alternatives to some aspect in my life, decide on my course of action, and let you know.  Through periodic updates, I will report back to you on how I am doing, which efforts need redoubling, and which just didn’t work out.  

I am also dragging along my husband, Van, my dog and my cat.  Each of these challenges may be small, but if we all make these changes, together we will have a big impact. 

Each post will be summed up in terms of how it meets the golden mantra of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. 

Each post may also contain a suggestion that will warrant 

I hope, for our planet's sake, that we all find great success in this endeavor! 



Jess Snyder said...

I see you have a link to subscribe to Greenup, but the link does not work. is this in the works??

Anita K said...

Subscribing should work. It will be an RSS feed to a "reader" program like Google or Yahoo. I couldn't get ti to auto load onto Yahoo - on your yahoo page click on "add content" then "add RSS feed" then paste in

I don't know why Yahoo is not auto-accpeting...