Thursday, August 28, 2008

Challenge #15: Filtering your water

Filter water to avoid buying bottled waterWe live in an old house that still has a few lead pipes carrying the incoming domestic water (like the one coming from the street), and thus consider filtering our water a necessity. We have been using a Brita system for several years. The last time our filter timed out, we decided to try one that mounts directly on the kitchen faucet.

Our first faucet-mounted filter (the one on the left in the accompanying photo) was quite bulky, and occupied too much space under the tap, making it hard to wash pots and pans. It is also a completely disposable, one-time-use model. The whole thing needs to go to the landfill after it's ~one year of service.

When this filter ran out, I went to buy another and saw this new model at the store. The filter is housed to the left of the tap, instead of beneath. The biggest advantage is that the white part, the mount and the two taps, is reusable, and only the silver filter part needs to be disposed of. This filter is also superior to the old model in that our water pressure is still strong coming out of either the unfiltered or the filtered side. It also has two spray styles for the unfiltered water, one is more like the spray hose.

I drink water from this filter not only at home but also whenever I leave the house - I fill up a reusable water container and take it with me. So, even though I am using a filter that is not recyclable, I am not buying bottled water when I am out and about.

When this filter was expiring, I briefly looked into other filtering systems, but cost or space requirements proved to be the limiting factor for us. I do feel, however, that I made the greenest choice that will work for us.

Minimize wasteChoose household items on factors such as REusable parts and component REcyclability.

Green water filtersto anyone who gets a ceramic filtering system - I wish I could!



Jeff Moser said...

I'll have to look into this. We have the Britta pitcher right now, but with 3 of us drinking lots of water in the summer, it's not always convenient to wait for it to drain through!

I remember reading a detox book, and the author suggested putting filters in the shower as well! To get rid of all the chlorine... That may be a bit extreme though!

jhonaker said...

We used to use the PUR water pitcher, but were constantly running out water when we needed it (i.e., while cooking); so we bought the GE Household Water Filtration System
Model#: GXSV65F

Of course you need to have an extra hole in your sink to allow for the extra faucet, but we love it. The only issue that I have with the replacement filters, is that I don't know if they're recyclable. But they do last for 6 months, so that's a plus.

We also bought some stainless steel water containers to fill up and use instead of bottled water.

Patchi said...

When we had our kitchen remodeled we put in a Moen faucet that has a filtering system. It has an extra faucet to turn on the filtered water, so you dan't waste the filter on dish washing. The filter needs changing every 6 months, which is not bad.