Thursday, September 25, 2008

Challenge #22: Revisit Old Assumptions

Quite awhile ago, one of my favorite periodical, the National Geographic Magazine, switched from its class Kraft paper mailing envelope to a clear plastic one. I wasn't really too happy about that, since Kraft paper is recyclable. I started removing those plastic covers and throwing them in my trash can.
Check EVERYTHING to see it is recyclable
This week, I was removing the plastic cover from the October issue, I noticed that it had a recycling symbol on it! I don't know if they have changed the plastic or if it has always been there. Perhaps my overall attitude of challenging myself to be more green has made me more aware! I guess it never hurts to periodically check to see if a product or its packaging has changed.

Now, I will happily throw that plastic cover into my recycling bin!

Companies DO ChangeBe mindful of which objects you are throwing away and which you are recycling!

Recycle when you canREvisit old assumptions and see if you've over looked anything or if something has changed.



Anonymous said...

Hi Anita. Before throwing that plastic cover into your recycle bin, please check with your community and make sure it actually belongs in there!

Companies love to put recycling symbols on things that theoretically could be recycled somewhere. It's greenwashing. It all depends on what your community recycling program will allow.

Generally, it's not a good idea to toss loose plastic bags into recycle bins because they wreak havoc with the sorting machines. I wrote a post revealing many of the myths of recycling here:


Anita K said...

Thanks for the info Beth- I also think I can recycle this at a grocery store with their plastic bags- but I'll check first!